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Summer 2019

Date Speaker Title Host
05-03-2019 German D. Feldman (National University of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina) Exchange Rate Policy, Output Growth and the Pattern of Specialization in Latin American Economies Gehrke
12-03-2019 Jörg Breitung (University of Cologne) Empirical Challenges for Optimal Portfolio Selection Manner
19-03-2019 Ferdinand Rauch (University Oxford) Economic Geography Aspects of the Panama Canal Kleinert
02-04-2019 Matthias Fahn (University of Linz)

Reciprocity in Dynamic Employment Relationships

09-04-2019 Ioannis Kyriakou (City University London) Forecasting benchmarks of long-term stock returns via machine learning Scholz
30-04-2019 Konrad Podczeck (University of Vienna) Existence of Pure Strategy Equilibria in Large Finite Games Greinecker
07-05-2019 Tobias Thomas (Director of the Austrian Economic Research Institute EcoAustria) Distribution of information through media channels in democracies Sturn
14-05-2019 Doris Weichselbaumer (University of Linz) The Effect of Photos and Name Change on Discrimination against Migrants in Austria Kreimer
21-05-2019 Joachim Schnurbus (University of Passau) Joint seminar in statistics with TU Graz: Nonlinear quantile regression-based modeling of hedonic house prices Scholz



SR 15.4C

Fabio Waltenberg (Universidad Federal Fluminense, Brazil)

Bolsa Família Program: its role in promoting the autonomy of poor Brazilian women and its place in Brazil's social protection

28-05-2019 Tim Hellmann (University of Bielefeld)

The Transmission of Continuous Cultural Traits in Endogenous Social Networks

Kuzmics and COLIBRI
04-06-2019 Riccardo Cappellin (

Università degli Studi di Roma)

An European “Industrial Strategy” oriented to the citizens and the territory for a stronger European identity Steiner
11-06-2019 CANCELLED! Sofie Waltl (LISER and WU)

Tracking Owners' Sentiments: Subjective Home Values, Expectations and House Price Dynamics




Luis Portes (Montclair University) From households to national statistics: Macroeconomic effects of Women´s empowerment Kleinert


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