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For (prospective) students

Why study Economics?

Economics is probably the most versatile amongst the social sciences. This versatility is apparent in the multi-faceted problems that are dealt with in Economics as well as in the many different tools that are used:

  • The analyzed problems relate to many dimensions of life of society. They range from urban space parking management to the Euro-crisis or global imbalances.
  • Methodologically Economics aggregates techniques from Philosophy, Sociology, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics into stringent, but not closed models. Economics is formal in many areas, but at the same time orientated towards social problems. Over time Economics has become more empirical in nature. The conjunction of theory and empirical evidence is highly interesting.

An important purpose of Economics is to offer guidance for the improvement of the analyzed situation.

Interested beginners are recommended to use Unigate. As a further orientation aid, graduates present themselves here in short interview videos.

Why study in Graz?

Studying Economics in Graz is characterized by

  • individual support due to small classes.
  • A minimal compulsory share of Business Administration within the curriculum while there’s still an option to enlarge upon those areas.
  • Increasing internationalization with a focus on South-East Europe and Northern Italy.
  • The possibilities of specialization in Environmental Economics as well as History of Economic Thought. The two associated centres of the Department (Wegener Centre and Schumpeter Centre) also provide insights into current research in these areas.
  • Studying in the ReSoWi-building  - an interesting modern building where everything is reachable within short distance.
  • Studying in a beautiful city with Mediterranean atmosphere.

Curricula Committee Economics


Assistant Professor Gerhard Wohlfahrt, PhD

Institute of Economics
Universitätsstraße 15/F4
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 3452

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