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Winter 2019/20

Date Speaker Title Host
01 Oct. Bard Harstad (Oslo University)

Pledge-and-Review Bargaining

Christoph Kuzmics
08 Oct. Karl Schmedders (University of Zurich) Relative Existence for Recursive Utility Christoph Kuzmics
15 Oct. Sophie Bade (Royal Holloway) Cooperative Implementation Christoph Kuzmics
05 Nov. Roland Hodler (University St. Gallen) Voting or abstaining in “managed” elections? An RCT in Bangladesh Stefan Borsky 
19 Nov. Dietrich Earnhart (University of Kansas)

The Effect of Professional Peer Comparisons on Environmental Management: A Field Experiment

Karl Steininger
26 Nov. Alfred Wagenhofer (Uni Graz) Economics of Accounting Quality (Paper)

Christoph Kuzmics

03 Dec.

Qizhou Xiong (Oxford University) Housing Yield Miriam Steurer
17 Dec. Ina Taneva (University of Edinburgh) Optimal Information Hierarchies

Christoph Kuzmics

07 Jan.

Zuzana Brixiova (Technical University of Ostrava)

Enterprising women in Southern Africa: When does land ownership matter?

Jörn Kleinert

14 Jan.

Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU Wien)

Projecting European adoption trends in key digital technologies under model uncertainty

Hans Manner

21 Jan. Peter Egger (ETH Zürich) Heterogeneous Effects of Tariff and Nontariff Policy Barriers in Quantitative General Equilibrium Jörn Kleinert

28 Jan.

Marcos Sanso Navarro (University of Zaragoza) Regional convergence and spatial dependence: A worldwide perspective (joint work with María Vera-Cabello and Miguel Puente-Ajovín)

Hans Manner



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