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Winter 2021/22

Date Speaker Title Host
05 Oct.
Carl Heese, University of Vienna Persuasion and Information Aggregation in Elections Christoph Kuzmics
12 Oct.
María Valderrama, Austrian Central Bank Productivity and the ECB's monetary policy strategy review Jörn Kleinert
19 Oct. Evangelos Dioikitopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business The Elimination of Common Rights and Comparative Economic Development in a Malthusian World Ronald Wendner
09 Nov. Felix Bierbrauer, University of Cologne

Pareto-improving tax reforms and the Earned Income Tax Credit

Christoph Kuzmics
16 Nov. Karolina Vocke, University of Innsbruck Stability in large markets Christoph Kuzmics
11 Jan.
Martijn Dröes, Amsterdam Business School A World Divided: Refugee Centers, House Prices, and Household Preferences Robert Hill
18 Jan.
Susanne Goldlücke, University of Konstanz The Multiple-Volunteers Principle Christoph Kuzmics


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