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Research Groups

Research in Economics at the University of Graz takes place within six intra- and interacting research groups with strong links to the international research community. 

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Research Groups Coordinators
Empirical Analysis of Asset Markets and the Macroeconomy Robert Hill and Hans Manner
Economics of Climate and Environmental Change Karl Steininger and Birgit Bednar-Friedl
From Individual Choices to Social Consequences Christoph Kuzmics
Inequality and Social Policy Rudolf Dujmovits
Innovation, Diffusion and Transformation Processes Richard Sturn
Dynamic Approaches to Global Economic Challenges Jörn Kleinert and Karl Steininger



Irene Hye

Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3448

Irene Ploder

Institute of Public Economics
Universitaetsstr. 15/E4
8010 Graz, Austria

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3460
Fax:+43 316 380 - 9530

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