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Innovation, Diffusion and Transformation Processes

The research group focuses on contemporary socio-economic problems and developments, as well as its causes and consequences.

Research topics:

  • the causes and consequences of economic growth, technological and structural change
  • the history of economic thought and economic history
  • the diffusion of innovations and ideas
  • multi-level socio-economic transformation processes

Research questions include:

  • How do ideas and convictions spread?
  • How do economic ideas influence formal and non-formal institutional change?
  • What is the long-period background of the evolution of institutions, knowledge/innovation systems and the income distribution?
  • What innovative capacity and adoption potential do countries have with regard to general purpose technologies and other forms of technological change?
  • What role does the policy framework and institutional setting play in the innovation system?
  • What are the socio-economic consequences of (radical) technological change?
  • What are the characteristic features and effects of technological transformation and structural change?
  • Is technological change influenced by factor prices and how?
  • How does technological change influence different regions in a different way?
  • What effects can we expect from digitalization and full automation on the labour market and the production system?

Methods, tools and approaches:

  • explorative approaches
  • appreciative theorizing
  • computational economics (e.g. agent based economics)
  • empirical analysis (e.g. input-output analysis, econometrics, network analysis, specialization and concentration indicators)


Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.

Richard Sturn

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 3461

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