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Beachten Sie bitte zuallererst diesen Master's thesis guide des Fachbereichs VWL!

Die formalen Kriterien, die zum Einreichen einer Masterarbeit seitens der Universität Graz zu erfüllen sind, sowie die erforderlichen Formulare wurden hier veröffentlicht.

Vergabe von Masterarbeitsthemen

Name Kommentar Sprache abgeschl. Arbeiten
Birgit Bednar-Friedl Empirische u. theoretische Arbeiten im Bereich Umweltökonomik, insb. zu Fragen der intern. Klima- u. Energiepolitik sowie zu Klimawandelauswirkungen u. -anpassungen. Bei Interesse Kontaktaufnahme per Email! Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Daniel Eckert Master's theses will be supervised in social choice theory with a special focus on recent generalizations of collective decision theory (judgment aggregation) and the history of social choice theory.
Current master's thesis topics.

Dt., Engl., Franz.


Michael Finus I am happy to supervise topics related economic problems that involve externalities (spillovers) across economic agents, where coordination and cooperation would generate global welfare gains but which typically suffer from 'free-riding' (i.e., not everybody is contributing its fair share). These are typical non-zero sum games. It is interesting to analyze those factors, which cause free-riding, but also how and through which measures those incentives can be mitigated. Many of these problems relate to collective decision making and public and global governance. International and global environmental problems, like climate change and overfishing, are prominent examples but there are many others related to international trade for instance. Generally, I feel comfortable supervising work in the area of Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Game Theory and International Agreements. I am happy to discuss preliminary ideas at an informal level. Please make an appointment by e-mail. Dt., Engl.  
Christian Gehrke

Arbeiten zu den Bereichen Politische Ökonomik, Internationale Ökonomik, Kapital- und Verteilungstheorie, vorzugsweise mit theoriegeschichtlichen Bezügen. Eigene Themenvorschläge sind willkommen.
Aktuelle Masterarbeits-Themen.

Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Robert Hill

Some possible topics for Masters’ theses include the following: (1) Causes and consequences of the global financial crisis and Eurozone crisis. (2) Modelling the housing market and its interaction with the broader economy. (3) Economic growth and comparisons of income across countries. (4) Monetary policy (e.g., issues relating to inflation targeting)

I am happy to consider other topics as well.

Engl. UniGrazOnline
Christian Klamler Master's theses will be supervised in areas focusing on (1) voting procedures, i.e., the aggregation of individual preferences; (2) fair division and matching, i.e., the allocation of divisible and/or indivisible goods among groups of agents; and (3) general aspects in Social Choice Theory and the theory of Judgement Aggregation. Own ideas for topics in those areas are highly welcome. Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Jörn Kleinert Es gibt eine Themenliste, es können aber auch eigene Themen vorgeschlagen werden (s. Bedingungen). Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Christoph Kuzmics

Master's theses topics focus on decision theory and game theory, the theory of strategic interaction. Concrete topics could be public good provision, experiments in game theory, auction theory, or the evolution of social norms. Other possibilities are topics about the strategic interaction in certain well-specified markets, such as supermarket chain competition, the market for apples, or the market for vaccines. Further possibilities are topics in financial economics, such as testing the efficient market hypothesis, or applying preference theories under uncertainty to finance problems. 

I would also be interested in testing game theory in the field. I am a member of the new field of excellence COLIBRI (or Complexity of Life) at the University of Graz, where we work on interdisciplinary research projects, such as strategic communication and linguistics, competition and symbiosis between plants and/or animals, as well as the psychology of human decision making. Topics in these areas would also be possible.

Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Hans Manner Arbeiten in allen Bereichen der theoretischen und angewandten Ökonometrie. Zudem Arbeiten über Finanzökonometrie und quantitatives Risikomanagement. Mögliche Themen können in einem persönlichen Gespräch diskutiert werden. Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Stefania Rossi

Possible topics for Master´s theses comprise the following:

  1. Access to credit and financial frictions for SMEs;
  2. Innovation and firm’s financial dependence;
  3. Gender issue in financial markets;
  4. Monetary policy and its effects on the real economy;
  5. Unconventional monetary policy and firm´s credit access;
  6. New trade theory and the determinants to access and survive in foreign markets.

I am willing to supervise Master´s theses in other topics related to credit and financial markets, as well as  international economics.


Graz Schumpeter Centre Masterarbeiten, die vom Graz Schumpeter Centre angeboten werden, sind hier zu finden. Dt., Engl.  
Karl Steininger Empirical and theoretical analyses in environmental economics, in particular issues in low carbon transition and all related economic questions (incentive structures, impacts, international trade implications, renewable energy); economic impacts of climate change. For those interested: please get in touch by email. Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Richard Sturn

Master's theses will be supervised in areas focusing on: Tax- and transfer system;  incomplete contracts (specifically labor market); economics of public institutions, constitutional economics; power and economics; economics and philosophy; history of economics (specifically history of public economics)
Current master's thesis topics.

Dt., Engl. UniGrazOnline
Ronald Wendner Topics for master's theses revolve around three themes: 1) Social Comparisons, 2) Macroeconomic Dynamics, 3) Optimal Taxation. More detailed information is available here. For specific topics (and more information), please don't hesitate to contact me. It goes without saying that you are welcome to suggest your own topic for your master's thesis. Engl. UniGrazOnline

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