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Support in the work on the dissertation

1. Courses (Doctoral Colloquium 1 and 2, Research Seminar):

The research seminar serves to present the well-received core literature for the respective topics. The research seminar is recommended for the second or third semester and also serves to elaborate or sharpen the exposé.

In the Doctoral Colloquium 1 (DQ 1) and the Doctoral Colloquium 2 (DQ 2) papers (or chapters of a monograph) are presented and put up for discussion. Furthermore, aspects and questions of scientific writing and publishing are discussed. In addition to the course instructor, at least both the supervisor and the designated second reviewer participate in the discussions. For this purpose, the DQs' dates and programme are sent to the members of the Doctoral School in good time. In the 2 DQs different papers (or chapters) should be presented.
The DQs are to be visited in the third to sixth semester (but at least after completing part 1 of the Rigorosum). It is recommended to attend these courses every semester (either DQ1 or DQ2, after a successful completion as a guest) until the dissertation is submitted.

2. Economics Research Seminar and Brown Bag Seminar

Students are expected to participate regularly and contribute to the discussion.
For information on the Economics Research Seminar please visit this site.

3. Presentation of the paper at international conferences:

The presentation is recommended and supported by the Doctoral School which also supports applications for funding.

4. Supervision meetings:

Meetings with the supervisor are expected to be held on a regular basis. At least once per semester, such a meeting (supervisor-doctoral candidate) must also be formally conducted and documented.The content and the result must be documented in the implementation log.

5. Further activities such as workshops or summer schools:

Small workshops, discussion groups or summer schools are also available, depending on what is currently on offer and what interests you.



Irene Hye

Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre

Phone:+43 316 380 - 3448

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